About Us

Shanqh Luxury Events, fondly known as the Ministry of Creativity, specializes in the creation of exceptional and customized wedding events, we design, plan and manage every project from conception to execution. We bring dreams to reality!
Shanqh Luxury Events has been in business for over 7 years with International presence in INDIA | UAE | THAILAND | SRI LANKA | NEPAL | INDONESIA | BAHRAIN | ITALY | TURKEY | MALAYSIA | VIETNAM | PHILIPPINES. The name ‘Shanqh’ is inspired from an Indian instrument that is played on commencing any auspicious occasion, and we carry the motto of ‘Building dreams to reality’. Shanqh excels in Destination Wedding Planning and has covered more than 100+ Wedding Planning projects in India and overseas.


Our group of seasoned professionals understand that breakthrough ideas are only as good as the discipline supporting them. At Shanqh Luxury Events we believe that there is a sublime connection between the mastery of management and the creation of creative ideas, most importantly, the intangible – element of surprise to make every Wedding a different and a seamless experience.




Welcome to the art of luxury wedding management!


Shanqh Luxury Events, is among the top banners of India in Wedding Planning industry solely due to the brains of Manvir Singh and Siddhant Paul. Their consistent effort in driving the venture towards excellence upholding the Core Values at Shanqh.

Our Core Team


manvir singhManvir Singh | Founder and Managing Director

We believe excellence is not an act but a habit, deep into the event industry, I realized that there was a great need to organize the unorganized market.”

Shanqh works on core principles of delicacy and customer satisfaction which is its core USP. Our unique set of designers and management crew make impossible things turn into i’m possible. Our motto at work is imagine. create. design. celebrate.



Siddhant Paul | Founder and Creative Director

Being an established space designer, I thought there was a major need to innovate and re-invent the existing event culture.”

At Shanqh, we aim at creating spaces that are distinctively unique with dedication of every individual on the project. We believe execution must be at par with the design, and who better could create a perfect execution than the designers themselves. We design, execute and produce unimaginable concepts and bring consumers dreams to reality.



Naman Chawla | Operations Head

A superior leader is a person who can bring ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary results. What is required is to complete the task on time, we guarantee the best operations turnaround time at Shanqh.


Santokh Singh | Operations Manager

I believe the most important thing is Delivery and at Shanqh. We take every step to cover up all eventualities of a crisis to make sure what is received at the client end is flawless.


Shanqh Wedding Décor provides a state of art décor with inclusive spirit that builds traditional and modern themes with equal ease. Shanqh has successfully deployed more than 150 unique and distinguished wedding décor sets. The design innovators at Shanqh are constantly awaiting to bring alive the most attractive décor arrangement.

Shanqh Event Planning makes a complex art appear seamless with its unique set of experts for co-ordination, managing, planning, deployment and end-to-end delivery. This is spread over an unlimited sphere of services of Budgeting, Venue Booking, Décor Management, Catering Management, Invitations, Guest Management and Entertainment among others. Our esteemed clients rely on our event planning services for the smooth flow of their auspicious event.

Shanqh Corporate Events is filled with laughter, team cooperation, thinking out of the box attitudes, and creativeness that contributes to the overall productivity. Our established corporate teams involve closely with the objective of the event and showcase the core values of the corporate.

– Choreographers can teach beginners to toddlers how to jive to the beats.

– Lights and sounds can make or break a place; it’s just a matter of changing colors, intensities, hues and textures.

– The food is a charm, just the matter of grabbing the best bite.

– Celebrities, anchors, singers and dance groups all can entertain you at your event.

Furthermore, which one or how much is good enough? That’s what we do. we choose. we create. and we build the most amazing event, so you can be boastful of.

Why work with us?
We always have edge over our competitors, our noted USP’s –
– Provide the best services at most reasonable cost
– Above all, we understand the client’s taste and then provide a plethora of options to choose from
– We have a dedicated team of individuals to perform a particular task
– Possess the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry
– Extremely well connected in the industry which helps our event run very smoothly
– Our Design tells a story