Wedding Rituals

Rich Tamil Wedding Rituals That Make The Occasion Memorable ...

India is the motherland of people belonging to varied religions, castes and communities. In fact, they even speak different languages and belong to different cultures. It is thus, regarded as one of the live examples of unity in diversity. This diversity is even visible in the customs and traditions of the people. To cite an example, Indian weddings are celebrated with the same fervor everywhere, though their way of conduct is different. Regional marriage ceremonies vary in accordance with factors like religion, region and faith.

However, they do have the same expression and significance. It’s after all the union of the two souls, which is blessed by the Lord as well as the elders of the family and society. Moreover, the ancient wedding rituals are still practiced today and the institution of marriage is considered one of the most sanctimonious bonds between two people on earth.

We have put together the rituals of various religions. Kindly hover over the ‘Wedding Rituals’ tab and the drop down list shall help choose the rest.

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