A Surprise Wedding Proposal In London With A Sweet Love Story!



A surprise wedding proposal on tower bridge in London & the presence of your family & friends at that much-awaited moment would be any girl’s dream. And we have come across the couple who had just lived this dream. Meet Siddhant who is the Founder & Creative Director of Shanqh Luxury Events. He found his love in Vani who is a lawyer by profession. After endless calls & chats, the two started falling for each other. And then the moment arrived when Siddhant planned a surprise wedding proposal in London for Vani with her family & friends. To witness this magical moment, swipe down to check out their full proposal story.

Meet Vani & Siddhant

A Surprise Wedding Proposal In London

Our Love Story :

“We both met on Facebook. We’re friends from quite long but never interacted. On one fine day, I messaged her and we started chatting. We knew each other as she was my school teacher’s daughter, and at first glance, I found her really sweet. Started my conversation with utter sweetness.”- says Siddhant.

Here’s their cute chat from where their seeds of love starting growing & blossomed like a flower.

Siddhant: What’s the craziest thing you had done till now?
Vani: Sorry, I don’t have an answer to this… And I was way too innocent in school but now things have changed.

Siddhant: Ok I can sense that. Love to see one of your acts.😊😉

Vani: You will go mad! We are totally opposite…

Siddhant: But y we are opposite?
Vani: I am very short-tempered.
Very messy
Very immature
Not at all punctual
Not at all organized
And you have all these qualities in you…
Siddhant: Short-tempered ……. definitely you won’t get there around me.
Very messy – it’s good to be messy sometimes, it makes you more real!
Very immature – that’s kind of cute and also it can be balanced by someone mature.
Not punctual – hmmm we will see about that.
Not organized- that comes with the right sort of experience.

wedding proposal

“So that was the day, I hit her nerve, exchanged our numbers and the endless calls and chats started. Initially, it was difficult to catch her speed because she was very fast while speaking. But later I figured out that whenever she is nervous, she speaks like that only. Days, weeks and months passed we started hanging out quite often we figured out that we have a lot of things in common. It was a magical feeling to be around each other. We didn’t even realize that we have started falling for each other. Time passed the bond of love grew stronger with each passing day.“  – says Siddhant.

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