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It is a rare privilege when you have the opportunity to do what you love


If you are a vendor of any of the Event services and would want to associate with us, kindly drop us a mail with subject “Vendor Listing” at with short glimpse of your past work. We believe strongly in delivering the most difficult in the most easiest fashion.


If you would want to earn by selling events, you could write to us at We offer a unique network marketing earning opportunity. So, if you think you are apart from the rest of the crowd, mail us with subject “Partner Listing”.


If you think you have the talent and you would want to join our innovative team, please fill in your candidature for any of the following at mail us at

Sales & Marketing

Event Production Expert

Chief Architect

Space Designer


We love suggestions to better ourselves, we work strongly on our customers grievances and make sure we have a satisfied customer. Mail us at for all grievances.