All About Love: This Couple Met On A Dating App & Their Wedding Was All Things Gorgeous


Sometimes you look at wedding videos and your heart swells up because it’s so full of love and emotion. You don’t know who the two people are neither do you know their story- all you know is that the stars aligned and the universe adjusted itself especially to bring these two souls together. That’s exactly what I felt when I saw Sara and Tushar’s wedding trailer.

They met on a dating app and knew on their first date itself that this is it. They spoke endlessly and knew that there was something extra special about this meeting. After dating for some time they knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They got engaged with a three-day celebration. Yup, cause when you’ve got a filmy love story a filmy celebration is a must.

If their engagement was a three-day affair, you can just imagine what the wedding was like. They had about a gazillion functions and spread them over the course of a week. The first day started with a Shabadh kirtan where Sara wore a white suit with gold thread and mirror work. Tushar wore a blue kurta-pyjama and looked dapper in it. 

For makeup, Sara kept it super simple, going for a flawless base and light pink eyeshadow to match the subtle nude tinge in her suit. She also finished it off with fluttery lashes and a brownish nude lipstick. Gorgeous, no?

They also had a dholki night for which Sara Suri wore a magenta suit with gold zari work along with a teal sharara and a gold dupatta with gota work. Her mother even twinned with her in a suit which was the same shade of pink and we’re like goalsss! She kept it simple with the accessories and only wore a pair of gold earrings.

After that, on the second day they had the Quawalli night. Talking about this function, Sara said, “This night is extremely special to my heart. Something that was my mum & maasi’s dream to see in reality was just so heart filling. My maasi invited a Qawwali group from Lucknow & we food straight from Jama Masjid.. the entire experience was surreal. We also had a Hookah Bar, some mulled wine & hot toddy to amp up the evening. I must say, I also felt a little like Jasmine from Aladdin, so what more can a girl ask for?”

Sara wore a pink lehenga with a raw silk skirt and floral, gold detailing along with a spaghetti-strapped blouse. She tied her hair back in a loose bun along with a traditional gajra and wore a maangtika and quirky earrings with it. Tushar wore a black bandh gala along with a threadwork shawl and looked great.

Sara’s outfit was from Chandini Chowk and her jewellery was by Raabta By Rahul. Her hair was done by Rashid and makeup by Kashni Malhotra.


The third function was the haldi which was another beautiful one. In the broad daylight, all her friends and family got together and had a blast with turmeric paste. Talking about this on her Instagram, Sara said, “We called this function a brunch under the sun and it was truly that. With the sun shining like no tomorrow, bloody mary’s being poured, mojitos being sipped & gol gappas being gobbled; this may just have been the most true to its description. It was also really special as I got to wear my mum’s chunni for this ceremony that she wore during her wedding ceremonies.”

She even added that she isn’t the biggest fan of haldi so instead they bought a haldi chandan face pack for the bride.


Look at our adorable bride!


The same night was Sara and Tushar’s cocktail ceremony. For this function, she wore a white pre-draped saree by Amita Agarwal. Her jewellery was from Outhouse Jewellery and it tied into the whole 2020 bridal avatar. Tushar also wore a white bandh gala and both the bride and groom twinned at this old-world vibe function.


Sara shared her thoughts about the function, saying, “This night was about going all out (in style) and letting the hair down (quite literally). I know I wanted an old Hollywood feel & that’s exactly what happened with the decor being all black & white with a few lux elements + my styling of the sari with dark red lips & old Hollywood waves. In @tushar.bhatia25 ‘s words: a good cross between Madhubala & Audrey Hepburn was my goal lol. Some of the other elements we made sure we included were a Cigar Bar for everyone, a super cute photo op background with neon lights & faux ostrich feathers, custom cocktails & of course a lot of dancing with a DJ band.”


The fourth day was the Chura ceremony for which Sara wore a pristine, white lehenga designed by Monica Nidhii. The churas were from Raabta By Rahul and the kaliras were from Rimple And Harpreet. She added some colour to the look with her emerald jewellery.


Ain’t she a bridechilla?

Talking about this function, Sara said, “So, I must admit I was never one for a chura or a chura ceremony. Not like I was violently against the ceremony but really couldn’t care less. However, surprisingly, this was super fun. My family is 0.0000% religious so we kept things are way with no puja or other customs such as not being allowed to see the chura etc. I wanted it to be fun & relaxed with my maternal side of course taking lead! It was a really intimate ceremony that flowed into a Mehendi Sundowner party (honestly, remember how I said I got my mehendi done before- still stand by that being the best decision ever).”


Finally, the wedding day when Sara and Tushara made it all official in an Anand Karaj ceremony.

“The Anand Karaj I still feel so overwhelmed talking about this day. I know I say this extremely often but calling Tushar my best friend, soulmate & husband truly makes me super lucky. One of the most beautiful souls, you’ll come across, Tushar makes the world a better place with the little things he does. This day was so special and I was so nervous that I almost feel like I don’t remember some parts. Not cause I have blocked them out or anything but perhaps cause I was so full of emotion that I lived truly lived in the moment”, said an overwhelmed bride.

She wore an unconventional pink sharara with purple tones and goldwork along with a light pink dupatta designed by Rimple and Harpreet and looked beyond beautiful. Tushar wore a white sherwani with a pink turban and looked as handsome as ever. This jodi is so beautiful!


This went into the wedding reception lunch which was another fun event. 

Sara added, “The wedding reception lunch was the most fun spring afternoon anyone could imagine. It was straight out of a fairytale and pretty much everything I wished for. I knew for certain that right after the Anandkaraj, we wanted to re-enter in a fun way for the reception and that’s precisely what happened. As the music played (Feel good by Michael Buble), there was a flower shower as we walked down the Isle. Cocktails poured in, sunglasses popped on and the saxophone played as the reception began. I made sure that we get NO stage – 2 chairs for the bride and groom.”


The dulhan wrote, “Then came the time of the vidai. The plan was to be the chill bride (lol). But emotions took the better part of me and tears were shed (a bit too many). Happy tears, scared tears, sad tears: if you’ve been married you know what I’m talking about. It’s really tough to explain that every moment. You don’t know how you feel and it was that moment of feeling out of control, that I balled like a little baby. Of course, nothing could be more comforting than @tushar.bhatia25 and hence these photographs really do justice.”


A final kudos to Shanqh Luxury Events for designing and decorating all the functions so beautifully. Also to Weddingrams who captured all these little moments with perfection- you guys did a fine job. 

Lastly, Tushar and Sara- you both looked beautiful, your wedding was magical and we hope the rest of your life is filled with just as much love and fun.