Kartik & Yasheka’s Wedding In Samode Palace, Jaipur


The Story

How we met:

Kartik and I met online on a dating app. I was visiting NYC one weekend and when I went back to Michigan and turned the app on again, the first person I matched with was Kartik. We started talking and came to find out that he lives in NYC and I live in Michigan. We were trying to figure out how we matched but realized it was because the app picked up my location on the app. So when we started texting, my first impression was that he was cute and he really nice eyes, yet our initial texts back and forth were boring. I then decided to facetime him to make sure that he’s actually what he looks like in pictures. It was only day 2 of talking when we facetimed each other. That night I had the funniest conversation I have ever had with a guy. We facetimed for 4 hours and it was filled with constant laughter. We started talking more and more but still hadn’t met. I had a last minute trip come up to Pittsburgh so I was driving down to the city. When I told him, he said he would love to come meet up in the city while I am there. The only way this worked was during the day time on a Saturday afternoon. So he took an overnight bus from NYC for 9 hours to come meet me for 5 hours in Pittsburgh. I came and picked him up from the bus stop and we went for a breakfast place nearby. He said he had to go use the rest room and took 30 minutes in there. I was trying to figure out what is taking so long. When he came out, he was holding flowers in his hand that he had brought for me from New York before he got on the bus. He was definitely the sweetest guy I had met and his sense of humor got me. We had a great 5 hours together till he hopped on the bus back to New York for another 9 hours. After that we started seeing each other seriously. We took multiple flights back and forth to visit each other. We were pretty sure about each other and even had our parents meet.


10 months later, he proposed to me which was the biggest surprise I have ever received. He told me months before that his friend is getting married down in St. Augustine, Florida so we would be going together. I had completely forgotten about this weekend. A month before, he made sure he booked my flight ticket and got me a dress which was extremely fancy and told me it was a really fancy wedding. He also had a fake wedding card made out for this friend’s wedding. We got to St. Augustine and went to the wedding venue which was a museum famous for weddings. As we got to the venue, he was carrying a gift box which he said was the wedding gift. We entered the venue, and once we got over the bridge Indian music started playing. That’s when I knew he was proposing to me. He had made his own lyrics to one of my favorite Hindi songs, and after he sang the lyrics he made a speech and got down on one knee. After I said yes, all our friends and cousins came out from different corners to surprise me as they were all waiting and watching everything. This was the biggest surprise of my life. The entire city during this time was lit up in 3 million lights for a light festival which is why Kartik chose St. Augustine for the proposal. We had a great weekend in Florida with all our friends and family and I am so excited to continue this beautiful and romantic journey with him!

Wedding Planned and Designed by : SHANQH LUXURY EVENTS

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