Kunwarjit & Harneet’s Elegant Delhi Wedding With Exquisite Decor & A Gorgeous Bride!


Kunwarjit & Harneet’s Wedding in Delhi, India

A performance on ‘Nai Jaana’ by Harneet on their wedding day was something Kunwarjit had never expected, but love does make you believe in surprises and magic, doesn’t it!?

How we met:

We met back in 2016 at a common friend’s birthday party in Mumbai, where I (the bride) am based.

Wedding Planning and Decor:

The wedding planning process was infact quite fun, but a bit tiring as well – mentally and physically both. Since I don’t have an extended family in Bombay, everything was planned by me and my mom (trousseau part). The planning for
each and everything, from the wedding invites to save the dates to pre-wedding to engagement props to food menu to wedding décor to the details of each function was taken care of by me and Kunwar. We got inspiration from the internet during our research and already had some ideas in mind about the way we wanted certain things to be.

Feelings on the Big Day:

A wedding day is such where you are obviously happy for the new beginning in your life, but are sad as well to leave your very own family behind. For me, it was more difficult because I was shifting cities. I was quite excited because I wanted to look my best, but was also a bit nervous that nothing goofs up and everything remains in place. It certainly was a very mixed emotions kind of a day.

Wedding Shopping:

I shopped from Delhi and Mumbai both, and had the best of both worlds. While I shopped in Mumbai with my mom, my mother in law assisted me with my Delhi shopping. I got my engagement outfit from designer Bani Batra in Delhi and wedding suit from Magic Mirror in Mumbai. It was a little stressful no doubt, but I guess that’s how wedding shopping is supposed to be.

Schedule of events and outfits worn on each function:

There was no theme as such for any of the events. On 19th January, there was a Dhol Party for which I wore a garara suit. For the Engagement on 20th, I chose a blush pink gown, and for the Gurudwara wedding on 21st, I donned a full length beige gold suit.

Wedding Venues:

Since Punjabis have Gurudwara weddings, we hosted it at GK Gurudwara. For the engagement, we always had a farm in mind and hence decided on Chattarpur Farms.

Performers and performances:

My friends gave us a surprise performance by doing a group fun dance. My sister in law and her husband performed on ‘Swag Se Swagat’ welcoming the crowd, which was followed by a surprise performance by me on ‘Nai Jaana’ for the family and Kunwar, which no one had any idea about except one of my friends.

Few words on the wedding planner, photographer, videographer, hair/make-up artist, bartenders and DJ:

All of them did a fabulous job and were much better than we expected. We were quite satisfied with the services they provided and brought joy to our Big Day.

Advice for to-be-weds:

Guys, smile, and keep smiling! Drink a lot of water and juices and also, try to lose a little weight even if you are perfect, because the make up and the camera adds a little more! You can always gain back later but the pictures and memories of your marriage are for a lifetime. So make the best out of it.

Wedding Invites: Shanqh