Team of Experts


The perfect team I would say with and every soul so down to earth and perfectionists at what they do. I was browsing WMG when I stumbled across some vendors and since I lived in Canada I could not call them through the contact option. However, somehow each and every planner got my number and started bugging me except the Shanqh team, which floored me. Next, I got in touch with Manvir and connected him with my Mom and that was the best decision of my entire wedding planning because Manvir took care of each and every minute detail of what we liked and preferred. Siddhant is the creative head of the team and he understood all of my requirements right from the beginning and designed me an out of the box wedding card and not only that the entire decor was PERFECT. These guys sometimes get super busy and might not answer your calls right away but they remember even the names of the desserts that you told them some 8 months back. I really was amazed at the planning skills of Manvir and how very understanding he is. The entire team although professional but make you feel like you are family to them. Special thanks to Naman for listening to all my nit pickings and trying to get all the ingredients that my mum wanted for all those extra rituals that we follow in Varanasi. I remember Sahil stayed through the entire wedding night and only went back hone after everyone was in their hotel dafe and sound. I want to say so much and yet running short of words for them. Just know that if you hired this team, you are gonna have no hiccups during your wedding be it fufaji ka gussa or auntiyo k draaame. They take care of it all. Thanks Manvir, Siddhant, Naman and Sahil. You made it perfect.