Top 9 Places to buy your Wedding Sweets

The world of Indian desserts witnessed a major change when the trusted local halwai was overtaken by branded, multi-store chains such as Haldiram’s and Bikanervala. Though this was more than half a century ago, there is once again a similar uprising, albeit a quieter one and for a more discerning audience. A number of luxury mithai makers in India have stepped onto the scene, taking basics such as besan laddoo, khoya barfi, kaju katli et al a notch higher by introducing variants like 24-carat gold varq Pistachio Laddoo, Caramel Pedha, and Besan Truffle.

KishMish Luxury Sweets

Wait till you grab them. KishMish signature sweets are the most delectable sweets available in Delhi NCR. With the range of Gold Dust Laddoos to Pista Chocolate Laddoos, the range is enormous with the top 5 stars dessert chefs involved in its inception. KishMish sweets is famously known for Indo Fusion Jars and Sweets. Furthermore the brand is known for outdoor caterings – Indian, Western, Fusion and Alcoholic Desserts Catering. The Giveaway boxes have combinations of various laddoos that use the choicest of raw material and the most richest form of non sugar ingredients – jaggery, honey and dates.

Reach out to them on +91-9910325805 or +91-9899744727 to book your festive box.

Gur Chini

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While their name may be Gur Chini, the brand focuses on using healthier sugars for all their offerings. With two permanent stores in Delhi and presence across India and abroad, this luxury mithai brand in India is known for treats like Bavarian chocolate barfi, South American almond tacos, and pistachio paan, all made using the stevia plant for sweetness. They also use jaggery from sugarcane, palmyra, date plam, and nelon; four types of honey — Manuka, Buckwheat, Garchia, and Rosemary; and different dates such as Khadrawi, Kustaw, Deglet Noor, Medjool. Keeping sweets natural and healthy is their motto, and their low- and no-sugar options carry that even further, never compromising on taste.

Call them on +91 99998 99615 for their festive boxes.


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Started by Sid Mathur of Impresario Hospitality (of Social and Smokehouse fame), Khoya seeks to bring back ancient Indian recipes of mithai while adding the modern tweak of thoughtful packaging (reminiscent of elegant French charm if you ask us). But don’t just go by its boxes — the mithai inside features exquisite concoctions like Pink Motichoor Laddoo, Paan Peda, and Pista Longe. With two stores in Delhi, Khoya is your go-to for understated elegance (other than the mouth-melting mithai, of course).

Call them on +91 99100 96940 for their festive boxes.


Arq Mithai

This brand celebrates the age-old art of making mithai, believes in ethically sourced produce, employs no artificial additives (only natural flavouring), and uses entirely recyclable boxes. Their packaging is done with as much care as the making of their mithai (their boxes have names like Petit 4, Sparkler, Famille, Savoury Square, and Rectangle Fix) The brainchild of chef duo Ashay Dhopatkar and Neha Lakhani, the former says that they always wondered why an Indian sweets couldn’t be given the same finesse and importance as its French counterpart. “Going forward, we want mithai to be just as relevant and admissible as its French counterparts like Belgian Chocolate or a classic French macaron,” adds Dhopatkar. And this led to their delectable sweets like Besan Truffle (besan laddoo with dark Belgian chocolate truffle filling), Caramel Pedha (Mathura ka peda with a dulce de leche centre), and Malterine Marmalade (tangy malta and tangerine with gurmandi almond paste) among others.

Call them on +91 97111 55655 for their festive boxes.


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Inspired by everyday objects, Berfila follows the belief of ‘quality, care, and creating unique products’. The newest kid on the block, it was started last year and operates out of a home kitchen in Gurgaon. With a focus on gifting, their design is muted finesse, with fun flavours thrown in like fudges in flavours of bubblegum, matcha, jamun & lemon, mango, strawberry; white chocolate and raspberry motichoor laddoo, ghiya barfi. They also have regular mithai such as coconut laddoo, milk cake, kalakand, khoya barfi, and such.

Call them on +91 9999721481 and +91 8375997836 for their festive boxes.


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If millennial luxury mithai in India is what you’re looking for, Nihira is the answer. Motichoor laddoos in flavours such as wine, champagne, and lavender; blueberry, elderflower, and cheesecake barfi; jalapeño and cheese namak paare — you can’t give this menu a miss. Using only organic ingredients, Nihira celebrates the fact that ‘mitha’ is the centre of any Indian auspicious occasion, supplementing these with their handcrafted mithai.

Call them on +91 97171 22667 for their festive boxes.

Bombay Sweet Shop

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Situated in Byculla, Bombay Sweet Shop reinvents traditional Indian sweets and mithais with a 100 percent vegetarian spin. Led by pastry chef Girish Nayak, who is known for his desserts at Toast and Tonic in Bengaluru, the shop doubles up as a snacking bar offering desserts like penguin-shaped Caramel Custard Popsicles and Coconut Caramel Patissa Fingers, among other delicacies. The shop is a the rose-hued, art deco-inspired trip down memory lane. The glass-front kitchen is a statement to showcase its inventive skills. Working up to appeal to the younger generation, it even comes with creative gifting and delivery options. There is aam papad lollipops, ghewar tarts, Drunken Motichoor Laddoo, Indian ‘gummies’, and even a live DIY chikki counter.

Call them on +91 22 4969 6677 for their festive boxes.


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Realising the advent of slow, handcrafted mithai making, Bikanervala has joined the artisanal mithai makers with its new line–Saugaat. Launched in early 2020, it has been created with Chef consultant Sahil Mehta, whose past experience includes the revered culinary empire from France, Lenotre. Gifting being one of their main focus, they’ve come up with mithai that has traces of not just India, but the world. Like the Lait Croquer that is a French wafer, dhodha, and Turkish hazelnut, the Cashew Bonbon where cashews are blended with salted caramel, or the Cherimoya Mawa where custard apple and khoya come together. If you appreciate an amalgamation of interesting and new flavour combinations, give these a try.

Call them on +91 78880 00001 for their festive boxes.


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Calling themselves a mithai boutique, Kesar is based out of Jaipur and delivers all over the world. Traditional mithai, fusion versions of the same, Middle Eastern sweets, and even ‘mithai cakes’, their endeavour is to cover all your sugar and dry fruit wants! Their bespoke collection features creations like Blackcurrant Barfi, Blueberry Laddoo, Ferrero Rocher Laddoo, Oreo & Date Cake, and more. You can have them create boxes just for you, and they also do savoury treats like mini samosas, kachoris, mathri, and the like.

Call them on +91 931 409 9033 or +91 982 805 9033 for their festive boxes.

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